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10 min Core Strength + Hamstring Flexibility for Runners class

– The Duo that Helps You Run with More Strength, Ease and Speed

(without needing a 6-pack, or being bendy!)

What you'll get out of this 10 minute class...

 Quick core activation! Switching on the right muscles to help improve our running technique. Feel the 'work' without too much effort required!

 Quick hamstring lubrication! Ease into the hamstrings, no matter how tight they currently might be, to start to feel more flexible!

An intro to the importance of core strength + hamstring flexibility for running -- how if out of balance they could be holding you back!


but the hamstrings and the core muscles are a great example of how one area of the body affects another... especially when it comes to improving our running!!

Try this class in the morning, or before a run, and feel the benefit straight away!

By signing up to this class, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your own wellbeing at all times. 

Led by Helen Clare

Senior Yoga Teacher

Natural Running Technique

& Movement Coach

Founder of Connected Yoga

Creator of The Connected Movement membership &

The Connected Runner Experience