The Release & Recover 5 day Easter Yoga Challenge

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I'll guide you to take the time out to relax, unwind, release tension and recover each day - from sport, and/ or life!

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Learn to Release & Recover...

5 classes to help rest, release, recover and repair!

11-15th April, receive a new class each day.

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Suitable for most levels but always consult a medical professional if unsure.

Meet your guide...

Well hey there! I've dedicated the last 12 years to helping people move, perform and feel better - from world class athletes, to everyday movers.

So, whether you're an athlete wanting to improve your performance, or you just want to move with more ease and lightness each day - I can guide you. I'll help you get physically and mentally connected - to feel the best you can, inside and out. See you inside!

Your health and wellbeing

These classes are suitable for most levels, even those new to yoga. Always remember a teacher is only a guide and that you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing at all times. By participating in this challenge you acknowledge this and hold Helen Clare blameless in the unlikely event you incur an injury or other complaint.