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Yoga Bundle

3 online programs for the price of 1!

Know what to do and when

- in the time you've got!

I've created these yoga programs specifically for runners - to help you warm up, strengthen,

mobilise, cool down and recover

- but ultimately to stay injury-free

and enjoy running more!


For a limited time only...

get 3 of my best-selling yoga for runners' programs

- for the price of 1!

Total value £491...

... get now for £97


What you get:

✓ Pre-run yoga routines

✓ Post-run yoga routines

✓ Enhanced recovery sequences

✓ Whole-body strength & conditioning for runners

✓ Short classes, for all levels, that you can customise to fit into your schedule!

Why you want to get it!

✓ reduce injury, niggles and complaints and enjoy running more!

✓ build the right strength to run stronger, for longer

✓ increase mobility and flexibility enough to improve running technique and get faster

✓ feel lighter and more buoyant to run with more ease and lightness

✓ improve technique to run more naturally and efficiently

Make more progress, suffer less and enjoy running more

... for less than £100



Pre and post run yoga sequences. This program contains your go-to yoga to enhance your running - improve strength, mobility and flexibility, reducing risk of injury!


3 x 20 minute morning/ pre-run classes for Strength and Mobility

2 x 20 minute post-run/ evening classes to Release and Recover


10 minute quick post-run cool down sequence

Focus and visualisation guided relaxation

Natural running technique tutorials

Get on Track value alone is £297, and usually sells for £97 on it’s own… but in this Bundle, there’s more!...


5 x 10 minute mini-workshop style classes to build more strength, lightness and ease in running.





Upper body

Valued at £97, usually sold for just £27, effectively free in this bundle!


Yoga plus self-applied massage techniques to help you speed up recovery and get back to doing what you love.

3 x 20 minute recovery yoga classes

Info guides to safe, self-applied massage techniques 

Valued at £97, usually sold for just £27, effectively free in this bundle!

£491 value...

That normally costs £151... 

For a limited time,

only £97



The Connected Runner Yoga Calendar!

Follow the plan so you know exactly what class to do round your training schedule and daily life!

Easily adapt it to fit around your schedule.

What our runners are saying

<p>What our runners are saying</p>

I've found it hard to match Helen’s brilliant classes since moving and I struggle to find the time between training and work. Now I have access to these videos, I am able to practise at home at a time that suits my schedule. There are so many benefits of yoga to runners, it especially helps calm my mind and focus on my breath. I’m also stiff as a board …. it helps with that too! I can 100% recommend these vids!

Eleanor Davis



I’ve found each video to be an absolute mine of information, advice and practices, that is unbelievable value.

Being so specific to runners, and organised into specific episodes- targeting warm up, cool down, stretching and strength building etc- means it is really easy to find the poses and stretches that you need, when you need them.

Emma Stepto


7 day money back guarantee

Don't like what you get?

Write to me within 7 days for a refund.


Hi, I’m Helen Clare

and I help runners, of all levels, achieve their running goals - and run with more ease and enjoyment!

How?! I use my 12 years plus experience to combine traditional yoga, with modern day conditioning and knowledge of natural running technique. 

Through my classes and programs I guide you to: full body strength for more ease and lightness; enhanced mobility and flexibility for improved posture, running technique and efficiency - and a plan to implement to reduce injury, make more progress and enjoy running more! 

I can’t wait to hear your results!

What others are saying

I love the flexibility these video classes give. Being a busy nana to the grandchildren, along with working and running leaves little time for extra classes, so these video classes allow me to still benefit but in my own time.

<p>Karen Goundry</p>, <br/>

Karen Goundry

Just wanted to say thank you. I bought GOT a few days ago and have done the classes several times. My core already feels stronger. I’ve been practicing yoga for 6 months or so but mostly working on flexibility and hip openers and clearly neglecting the strength element, as I have suffered from recurrent niggles in my low back and hips. I’m optimistic that it if I keep at it, I will eliminate them for good. Thank you and here’s to a fun winter season!

<p>Liz Kemp</p>, <br/>

Liz Kemp

Get on Track has been great for me, I've enjoyed the yoga and running injury-free!

I always do the warm up session before I run, and a session afterwards - your voice is an 

encouraging presence in the room and in my head on runs! I love the strength, balance 

and lengthening on non-running days, too.

<p>Sarah Jayne</p>, <br/>

Sarah Jayne

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need?

As you can see above, all the classes are short: 10 mins to 25 mins at the most. This is so you can fit a class in when you have time. Maybe you can fit two in!

I'm also giving you a bonus Calendar, so that you can see my suggestions of which class to do when around your training and life.

I've been running for years, is it too late to start this?

Hell no! Get on board and stay running for many more years to come, my friend!

I'm not that much of a runner, will this help me improve?

Yes! Be consistent and patient and it will show results in your running speed, distance and ease.

I've pretty experienced in yoga - is this suitable?

Yes - because I've created these programs specifically with the runner in mind, these classes take a completely different focus than your regular class. Many things will be familiar, some won't. But even the familiar things might take a new approach :)

I haven't done much/ any yoga before - can I do this?

Yes, you can. Granted, some classes are more challenging than others, and you may need to be patient and come back to those classes at a later time - but there are other classes that are suitable for all levels.

Is this a membership?

Nope. You pay once for these programs and you keep access.

What is the refund policy?

7 days. Don't like what you get? Write to me within 7 days at to tell me why, and I'll refund you.